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Welcome to The Friends of Moyse’s Hall & Associated Collections Website

Steeped in history, Moyse’s Hall has looked out over Bury St Edmunds market place for almost 900 years.

Situated in a beautiful medieval building, Moyse’s Hall Museum houses eclectic collections and exhibitions, and hosts events ranging from themed craft workshops for all the family to historical talks and lectures.

The landmark 12th Century building’s rich and varied past has included serving as the town’s Bridewell, workhouse and police station, first opening as a museum in 1899.

Today the museum offers a fascinating view into the past with collections that document the foundation of the early town – from the creation and dissolution of the abbey, to prison paraphernalia and artefacts providing intriguing insights into superstition and witchcraft.

The Friends of Moyse’s Hall Museum & Associated Collections are dedicated to promoting the museum and Bury St Edmunds history in general. We hope that if you are also interested in the fascinating heritage of this area and the works of the museum, then you will consider joining us!